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Randy Gregory Contract Details

Per Over The Cap:

YearBase SalaryProrated BonusRegular Roster BonusPer Game Roster BonusCap
2025 $12,745,000$2,000,000$1,000,000$255,000$16,000,000

This is a firm two year commitment to Gregory by the Broncos. A $10 million signing bonus, and fully guaranteed salaries in 2022 and 2023 make up his total guarantees of $28 million.

However, beyond 2023, continuation of the contract is completely up to the Broncos’ discretion. By 2024, Gregory will be turning 32 during that season, and Denver will have the flexibility to go with his contract on a season-by-season basis. There are no further guarantees, and any remaining contract triggers are very weak $1 million roster bonuses due on the third day of the new league year.

In my opinion, this contract structure alleviates much of any perceived risk there could be in this signing. If Bradley Chubb is extended, there is only one season of that extension for sure that the Broncos would simultaneously be on the hook for two high tier EDGE contracts with certainty.

This structure also further puzzles me as to why the Cowboys stuck firm with their insistence on guarantee forfeitures due to fines, per David Moore. With only two years of guaranteed money, this is a narrow window in which the clause could be invoked. Most Cowboys may have been OK to play ball with that, since as Moore states, Dallas has yet to invoke it. But Gregory didn’t want to play ball with that, and it’s to Denver’s benefit on otherwise identical contract terms.