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Mission Statement

This publication will aim to explain objective data regarding the contracts signed by players of the Denver Broncos–present and past–and to provide subjective yet fair analysis of this data based on observation of the Broncos’ football performance. While some presence of fandom is acknowledged, this publication will strive to put aside whatever level of such fandom exists toward this core mission.


This publication will strive to inform based upon the following:

Quality over quantity

New articles will be published on an intermittent and limited basis. Most contractual rules in the NFL are straightforward, and there is no need to regularly recite them on a per-article basis. There may be times in which it will be weeks or even months between posts. As a financially independent publication, there is no need to publish content for the sake of regular collection of clicks. Updates will only come as it is deemed necessary to provide important new information and analysis.

Contract focused, not cap focused

Most NFL publications that study financial transactions of the league tend to feature the salary cap as the leading coverage. Oftentimes, the word “cap” is used as shorthand for this study, with those who study sometimes referred to in terms like “capologists”.

This publication rejects such emphasis. While the salary cap is an important rule of the NFL, it is but one of many important rules and aspects when it comes to building an NFL roster. Observers and fans tend to overrate the presence of the salary cap as a leading driver of roster decisions, even when it is evident that there are many ways to navigate around it to do what’s necessary to try to build the best roster. In most cases,

Instead, as it says right in the name, Broncos Contracts views contracts as the fundamental building block of NFL rosters. The unique structure of each contract, constrained by rules in the CBA, provides the foundation for aspects of an NFL roster, ranging from how much cash commitments the team has given to a player, to which positions will be deep or shallow at any given moment based upon contract length and free agency rules, to–yes–how those cash expenditures are allocated into salary cap dollars.

Humility in competency

What this means is that this publication will strive to provide knowledge only in the aspects deemed to be able to claim expertise within. Broadly, these aspects are mostly contained within the structure rules set out in the NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement. This includes, but is not limited to, contracts, free agency, the draft, salary cap management, and depth chart structure.

Aspects of the NFL that this publication will not claim expert knowledge within include, but are not limited to, film study, coaching philosophy, biomechanical analysis, or player performance. Reliance on such important aspects will lean on citing those who are deemed to be expert in such.

Allying with NFL journalism

This publication will show great respect for the professional journalists who cover the Broncos and the NFL at large. Without them, it is extremely difficult, and perhaps impossible, to accurately and fully cover what is going on in the league. As part of this respect, this publication in turn will be available to assist those in the media who cover the NFL in any moments of usefulness.

Gratitude for roots

This publication would not be possible without the extensive contribution of Over The Cap, the only site that originally aggregates contract data for the entire NFL. Through this data collected primarily by Jason Fitzgerald, and the knowledge learned from his keen explanation of contract rules, this allows this publication to take a similar mission that is focused centrally on the Broncos.

About The Publisher

Nick Korte has followed the Broncos and the NFL in the following capacities:

  • Beginning c. 1990: Casual fandom, evolving more toward dedicated observation
  • Since 2003: Detailed attention to the general operations and performance of the Broncos
  • Since 2011: Extensive study of contract and roster operations of the Broncos, coinciding with the beginning of the 2011 CBA and the tenure of John Elway as General Manager
  • Since 2014: Technical lead and contributing writer at Over The Cap
  • 2015-2022: Publisher and writer of several Broncos contract-related articles at the original Thin Air–articles that have been imported to this publication
  • Since 2022: Publisher of the Thin Air Network, including Broncos Contracts, coinciding with the purchase of the Broncos by Rob Walton, Carrie Walton Penner, and Greg Penner