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The Transactions The Broncos Can Execute To Gain 2018 Cap Space

There’s been much talk about what the Broncos can do to get the cap space they may need to improve their roster. This list is intended to demonstrate every transaction the Broncos can execute to gain at least $2 million in 2018 cap space. This list strictly does not issue any opinion on whether each of these transactions would be wise or not (although you are free to opine in the comments, of course). It is only a factual list to give you the information you need to form opinions on what the best course of action should be for the 2018 Broncos. This list is sorted from highest to lowest savings possible.

* Restructure and extension numbers represent the maximum amount of cap savings possible. Actual restructures or extensions will likely be less than this maximum.

  1. Restructure Von Miller: $13.56 million*
  2. Cut Aqib Talib: $11 million
  3. Decline Demaryius Thomas’s option: $8.967 million
  4. Cut Derek Wolfe, post June 1: $8.55 million
  5. Cut Emmanuel Sanders, post June 1: $8.25 million
  6. Extend Bradley Roby: $6.188 million*
  7. Cut Derek Wolfe: $6.175 million
  8. Cut Menelik Watson, post June 1: $6.125 million
  9. Extend Chris Harris, Jr.: $5.268 million*
  10. Cut Emmanuel Sanders: $5.5625 million
  11. Restructure Aqib Talib: $4.99 million*
  12. Cut Menelik Watson: $4.79 million
  13. Restucture Ronald Leary: $4.64 million*
  14. Cut CJ Anderson: $4.5 million
  15. Cut Domata Peko: $3.7 million
  16. Restructure Emmanuel Sanders: $3.6675 million*
  17. Restructure Derek Wolfe: $3.63 million*
  18. Restructure Chris Harris, Jr.: $3.2925 million*
  19. Restructure Brandon Marshall: $2.8 million*
  20. Restructure Darian Stewart: $2.39 million*