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Darian Stewart’s Contract Details

OTC now has the goods:

The main points: Stewart gets a $7 million signing bonus and a $6 million fully guaranteed 2017 base salary. The 2018 base salary of $4.5 million is guaranteed for injury only. Also, per usual with the Broncos, the last year contains a team option that will allow them to part ways with Stewart in 2020 while also allowing him to qualify for the 2021 compensatory pick formula.

Generally speaking, this is a standard contract for someone valued on the upper edge of mid level starting talent.  Note that Stewart’s 2016 base salary remains unchanged, representing the notion that this extension does not start until 2017. However, for cap purposes it’s always shrewd to take care of some of the prorated signing bonus money right now while the cap dollars are available, and that’s what the Broncos gain by extending Stewart during the season.  It’s another reason why, in my opinion, the Broncos should stop expressing an aversion to doing deals during the season, since they’ve now proven on several instances that they’re open to doing it.